Bright Family Kitchen

Private Client | Barnes, London

This large detached Gothic style Victorian house had a big single storey extension on a half level at the back which once been a separate flat. Although this had been connected back to the house, the tiny kitchen was still cramped into one corner, and the low 1970’s ceiling left the space dark and restricted views to the garden.

We removed internal walls where possible, and replaced the central strip of the roof with a tall gable more in keeping with the gothic house, whilst still clearly modern, to create a large bright family room. The rest of the space below the old roof space hides a laundry room, and the bigger new kitchen which faces across a preparation island into the main space.

Big glazed doors and a new terrace face the garden, with the glazing running to the full height of the new roof. A new opening into the original house lets this share the view and the light.
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