New House on Old Foundations

Private Client | Weybridge

When we inherited this project, there was a big 1970’s bungalow at one end of the site, with planning consent for an extra storey. Our calculations, confirmed by the client’s accountant, showed that demolishing the remaining walls and rebuilding on the existing foundations would achieve quicker and better construction as well as saving the VAT that is payable on extensions but not new houses.

The relocated front door keeps the garden private, and leads to a spectacular double height hall at the centre of the house. This layout gives all the main rooms big windows facing south on to the garden, balanced by small windows at the back and a top lit bedroom corridor to maximise daylight yet avoid overlooking the neighbours. This is also good for energy efficiency, as is excellent air tightness three times better than Building Regulations requirements.

The project was completed on time, and slightly under budget, by a local developer builder.
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