Updating a Modern Classic

Private Client | Putney, London

The Span estates created by Eric Lyons in the 1960’s are rightly regarded as special, partly for the landscaping, but also for the efficient use of space in what are essentially very small houses.

But our lives have changed since the sixties. We now all expect a bigger fridge, dishwasher, microwave etc., unknown then. As a result the kitchens now can’t cope, and have being at the front have nowhere to grow.

Fortunately for our clients, this house is at the end of its terrace. Getting permission to extend on two storeys meant matching the distinctive external details - not easy when insulation standards have also changed dramatically, and a new decorative brick end wall.

The extension houses a new kitchen / dining room, freeing the original to become a utility room, with a new bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

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