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When there is a will, there is always a way!

With social distancing at hand, we are still having proposals drawn up. Having spoken to the client to get an initial brief and survey plans from the estate agent, we managed to draw up an outline plan. This was then presented to the client through video call using Zoom. After discussing the proposed scheme with the happy client, a final version was drawn up with annotated notes on the works to be done and following steps such as putting it forward for planning approval. Everything is still happen smoothly regardless of the pandemic at large!

The government says that construction sites can now reopen. They may not have noticed that most already have, but maintaining social distancing means that most projects will be slower to complete for at least the rest of this year. If you’ve been putting off that project wait no longer. The best builders will soon be busy again. So if you are looking to start, now is the best time!

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