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Don’t Blame The Architect!

When your house is undergoing work, the process can be a frustrating one. All you want is for the project to be finished on time and on budget so you can enjoy your amazing new house! But meanwhile all is dust and (seeming) confusion. Projects, however, may be subject to delays due to things outside of our control.

Both RIBA and the Architect’s Journal have recently posted about the material shortages affecting the construction industry. Even the mainstream press has started to report on it. Many key materials are of short supply, including timber, bricks and blocks, cement, steel, and roofing products. These material shortages and price increases as a result of a lack of supply are unfortunately expected to continue into 2022.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as well as continual uncertainty around Brexit, are the two main contributing factors. The industry has yet to fully recover from the first wave of the pandemic, and new regulations surrounding Brexit means that there is a shortage of labour and delays in shipments.

It has been a challenging time for the construction industry, and it does not remain untouched from the price hikes that have been constant across the country. We just ask that you bear with us and keep this in mind when you are considering having work done to your property.

We in turn do our part in helping you by providing the contractor with a detailed schedule of works at the start of the process outlining what is required. This allows them to order goods well in advance, and reduces the possibility of delays to your project.


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