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Putney Architects

Learn when you would need an architect in Putney and what to look for when choosing the best professional for your project.

Andrew Catto Architects have our offices in Putney SW15 and have over two decades helping homeowners developers, property owners, schools and business, across South West London, West London and Surrey to get the most from their extensions, lofts, basements, renovations and new builds. When hoping to secure planning permission in Putney, an area criss-crossed with many distinctive conservation areas, it’s essential to choose a local architectural firm with deep experience and success in both (i) knowing what makes each area special to enable designing schemes that the borough planners can accept, and (ii) composing the arguments which enable them to be approved.

Which Architects are Genuine Putney Experts? While many architect websites have a page called “Putney Architects” it’s important to note that they have a page called “[Town] architects” for many local areas, in order to cast their net wider and appear for more searches on Google. To uncover whether they are genuine local experts, it’s important to look at where they are actually based, and how much architectural work and planning applications/consents they have genuinely completed in Putney and the borough of Wandsworth. Putney’s Top Architect On top of the cachet at national level of being the current president of the Association of Consultant Architects, Andrew has also long been convenor of the Buildings Panel for the Putney Society and has personally designed and advised on building projects of all sizes across both the Wandsworth Borough and those surrounding. A nationally recognised architect, with a very locally focussed pedigree. He knows: - the policies and rules that our borough planners work to, and how to work within them - what design elements produce objections, and how to avoid them - how to successfully counter-argue objections, and maximise planning potential Andrew is deeply committed to preserving the character of our beautiful town, without stifling its potential, for new and future generations. Traditional Construction meets Sustainable Design Alongside specialised in architecture and planning in Putney Conservation Areas, we are also committed to sustainable design and the environment, having completed courses with and qualified as members of the SPAB and Green Register. We know how to combine the most traditional of period design, with modern building materials and methods, to create low impact homes for our clients and future generations. Whether your preference is for contemporary design or Victorian splendour, your scheme need not cost the earth, and this focus on sustainable design and construction is also a key part of helping secure local authority to approvals.


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