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Putney Permitted Development

Learn what is classed as permitted development in Putney and how those rules change within its conservation areas.

What counts as Permitted Development in Putney? The short answer is that small extensions, works to boundary walls below a certain height, or adding solar panels are often considered “permitted development”, but it’s essential to get confirmation of this before starting works. Much of the buildings in Putney sit within a Conservation Area, which can override permitted development rules, but a local architect will help you discover what qualifies for your building and how to get written confirmation before starting any building work.

Q: Do I need planning permission for a basement extension in Putney?

A: There is no simple answer to this but generally you will need planning permission if the external appearance of the property is altered in any way, and that almost always happens because your basement will need light. More about Putney basements.

Q: Is a loft conversion considered Permitted Development in Putney?

A: Basic loft conversions often come within permitted development rights, but an experienced Putney architect will ensure that the conversion you are proposing has not grown into a larger extension which is likely to require a planning application. Crucially, an architect can also ensure you get the correct piece of paper from the planning office in Wandsworth agreeing your plan qualifies and does not need a planning application.

Q: Is a single storey extension considered permitted development in Putney?

A: There are very specific rules about how far you can extend backwards or sideways, which differ depending on the original configuration of your house. There’s more on this in the video but it’s important to talk it through with an experienced local architect, so call or email us for a no-obligation chat.


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