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Successful Appeal

Our experience shows that planning application success usually lies with understanding the policies and rules, and in preparation both of the right design and the right supporting documents setting out the case for approval. But even that isn’t always enough.

A local small business wanted to expand with a kiosk closer to the Town Centre. They asked us to design a kiosk shop in a timber clad shipping container which would allow off-site construction. Sadly Wandsworth Council said ‘No’, this would not fit in the West Putney Conservation Area. But nothing daunted we put together an appeal, the Planning Inspector agreed with us and has granted consent. it’s not something we have to do often. Planning Permission first time is always the goal. But it’s nice to celebrate being proved right, and to help with the post Covid revival of the High Street. Better late permission than none!

Read more on our page explaining about how to make a planning appeal in Putney or our pages about getting planning in a Putney conservation area and permitted development.


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