As a family-friendly practice with many years experience working with homeowner like you, we appreciate that your house requires to be developed for you and with you and all that such change involves, both practically and emotionally.

Embarking on fundamental changes to your home in order to enhance the way you inhabit it can raise many questions regarding the process involved. Our services can guide you through the various stages addressing such issues as timing, consents required, and costs.

Tideswell Road

Tideswell Road is a two storey Edwardian detached house in the West Putney Conservation Area.

The proposal was to remove an existing small rear extension and replace with a deeper and wider extension which allowed the creation of the open plan layout and the connection with the garden by using the changes in level.

The clients’ principal request was to match the roofing and windows details on the previous bay. And by doing so we could advise the client by lowering the floor we could define the use of the spaces and provide extra height, space and light in the new Garden room.    

Felsham Road

Felsham Road is an unusual end of terrace facing south up Redgrave Road in the Charlwood Road Conservation Area in Putney.

The proposal was to reconstruct and enlarge the single storey rear extension to the lower ground floor, removing the roof terrace from above this, and replacing existing door to this with a pair of sash windows. And to install a dormer above an existing loft bathroom.

The client was keen to ensure the extension was filled with light and that the inner section was never a dark corner which encouraged us to use the large skylights and specifically the side windows at high level that allows plenty of light without overlooking.

It was amazing to be back after 7 years since we completed the extension and hear from the client that they would not change a single thing. They continue to be amazed by Andrew’s advice of not extending further than needed but ensuring the space works for their family.

Southdean Gardens

Southdean Gardens is an Edwardian terrace house with beautiful arts and craft porch details which had been lost and is now back.

The main project was to extend into the side alley and re-arrange the internal layout connecting the house with the garden within the constraints of existing neighbours’ rear extension lengths and heights.

Andrew designed the project to be within the Permitted Development rights which allows the building process a faster start. But at the same time he made use of the sun path and neighbours different levels of roof to design an extension on 2 levels giving the space a bigger feeling than the small additional area might suggest. A cantilever porch made the roof easier to construct with the doors facing the right angle into the beautiful garden. 

Egliston Road

This large Victorian house had a plain 1960’s rear extension containing a poorly laid out and dark separate flat blocking the house from its garden. 


The proposal was to keep the structure but raised the middle of roof to make this light and airy family Kitchen/ Dining room