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Putney Planning Permission

Learn how to create and submit your planning application in Putney or the Borough of Wandsworth. A comprehensive overview of how to get planning permission in Putney SW15.

Planning applications in Putney Whether you want to extend your kitchen, convert your loft, divide a building into flats or build a completely new house, the process begins with your local planning department, which in Putney is Wandsworth Borough Council. The best way to navigate the process is with a local architect who knows both the local planners and their policies and interpretation of the rules so, for the most accurate advice about your specific project, call or email us to arrange a chat without obligation.

Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions to give you an overview:

Q: How long does it take to get planning permission in Putney?

A: A planning application is supposed to be decided by your local authority within 8 weeks, but there are many reasons why only around a half are processed within this timescale. Many factors are within the control of the owner and architect submitting the plans, which is why a local architect specialised in gaining permission in your local area will save time, stress and money, while increasing your chances of permission being granted.

Q: How do you get planning permission in Putney?

A: There is a combination of factors which affect whether your application is successful or not, but the key ones include (i) knowing local policies and how your local planners interpret their rules, (ii) ensuring all supporting documents are included in precisely the format and with precisely the elements of detail and explanation preferred, (iii) anticipation of likely concerns and objections, with pre-emptive and well explained/illustrated countervailing arguments.

Q: How much does planning permission cost in Putney?

A: Planning application fees are set by central government. For a domestic extension the fee is £236.00, or just £133.00 if the work is Permitted Development, but the application fee is only part of the cost. You will need an extract from the Ordnance Survey map, which must be bought, drawings showing the building before and after and a full set of supporting documents about daylight, fire precautions, flood risk etc. Your architect knows what is needed and where to source the relevant information. Ask us about this.

Q: What counts as “permitted development” in Putney?

A: Small loft or single storey extensions, outbuildings, works to boundary walls below a certain height, or adding solar panels are often considered “permitted development”, but it’s essential to get confirmation of this. Much of Putney sits within a Conservation Area, which can override permitted development rules, but a local architect will help you discover what qualifies for your building and how to get written confirmation before starting any building work.

Q: Can you get planning permission in a Putney conservation area?

A: Yes, you definitely can, and it’s something that AC Architects specialise in. We care very much about preserving the character of our wonderful town and have become expert in designing extensions and buildings which are in keeping with their setting. Great architecture and planning should maximise a building for its owners, without diminishing the environment for everyone else, and that’s what we do best.

Q: Do you need planning permission for a basement extension in Putney?

A: There is no simple answer to this but generally you will need planning permission if the external appearance of the property is altered in any way, and that almost always happens because your basement will need light. More about Putney basements.

Q: How much does a basement extension cost in Putney?

A: Cost vary enormously but a general rule of thumb is to budget between £3,000 - £4,000 per square metre. Bigger is cheaper, but costs can rise if you are on poor ground, have difficult access, are digging right up to party walls or need to move drains etc. You will also need to allow time for and budget for Party Wall Act agreements with neighbours

Q: Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion in Putney?

A: If you are not in a conservation area, a simple loft conversions may well come within permitted development rights, but only an experienced local architect can determine for you, and they will also recommend how you can get confirmation in writing from your local council planning department.

Q: How much does a loft conversion cost in Putney?

A: A general rule of thumb is to budget between £50,000 and £100,000 depending on the size and finish of your proposed scheme. We can handle every element for you from simple plans and permissions, to complete building schedule and tendering to find you a reliably high-quality local builder.

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