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When do you need an Architect ?

Right now!

Getting a project going is often the hardest part. You’ve probably not done this before and the world seems to be full of ‘guidance’ about what you can’t do. Your architect brings ‘can do’ and ‘how to’. Someone to tell you where to start, prioritise what needs doing, inspire you with a vision of the transformation to come, and hold your hand along the way. The first one you should appoint.

When Setting your Brief!

Small budget? Awkward space? No daylight? Can’t see how it can be done?

You may know what needs fixing, not how?

No problem – just a fresh challenge – and architects like those. And then draw the answer.

Whenever you need cheering up!

Even modest home alterations can seem like an impossibly long slog. But your architect has been there before, can come up with another way when your builder says it’s 12 weeks delivery (and he forgot to order it), yet still have the patience of Job when faced with planners, the gas company and all the others whose dictionary doesn’t include the words ‘quick’ or ‘soon’. Read more on our page about Putney architects.


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